Buffalo Chicken Salad in a Jar

These simple to prepare and visually appealing layered salads are great for packed lunches and picnics. There aren't many rules other than layer the wet stuff on the bottom (dressing) and the lighter fragile stuff (lettuce, sprouts) on top. Oh, and make sure you seal the lids tight. Other than that, use your imagination and your favourite ingredients to build your own healthy grab and go salad. 


INGREDIENTS + 4 x 16 oz glass jars with sealable lids (Mason, Kilner, and Weck jars all work)

8 tablespoons of your favourite blue cheese dressing
8 tablespoons of Frank's Red Hot sauce or other Buffalo chicken sauce
25-30 cherry tomatoes, halved
1 English cucumber cubed
1 red onion, chopped
4 large carrots, shredded
4 cups shredded cooked chicken
4 cups romaine lettuce
Any other veggies you fancy, like red cabbage, sprouts etc. 


Wash and clean your four jars and make sure you have lids for each of them.

Begin dividing equally and layering ingredients in each jars in this order:

              1. blue cheese dressing (2 tablespoons/jar)
              2. hot sauce (2 tablespoons/jar)
              3. halved cherry tomatoes 
              4. cucumber 
              5. red onion 
              6. red cabbage, if using 
              7. carrots
              8. lettuce

Once sealed tight, refrigerate. The salads should stay fresh for 3-4 days, so you can grab and go.