Penna How-to: Ripen Avocados

We've all been there. Standing in the produce section, trying to discretely paw through a pile of avocados in the vain hope of finding one ripe enough to eat. Since, it's a near miracle to find one between rock hard and mush, you're best off ripening a firm avocado at home. You'll have to wait a good 36 hours before you can tuck in, but good things come to those who wait. Here's two methods that produce nicely ripened fruit. 

METHOD #1: The Power of the Sun

This is our favourite because it's the simplest AND you harness the power of the sun, which feels like science or magic. Just place your avocados in a window with direct sunlight and wait 36 hours. Voila! Very nicely ripened avocados. 

METHOD #2: Paper Bag + Flour 

This is almost as effective as the windowsill method, with slightly less ripe results. Put your avocado in a paper bag, add a couple handfuls of purpose flour, and fold over to seal. Again wait around 36 hours and you should have yourself with a lovely ripe avocado that's a little more on the firm side.