Food Trends 2016

Food trends are always emerging so we thought we’d share some of 2016’s most popular with you. You may be ahead of the curve and already be ‘in-the-know’ but one or two of these may surprise you!

Tea is now ahead of what appeared to be an impenetrable coffee culture in North America. Tea has always been the leading global drink of choice but not so much where we live—until recently. Specialty tea shops and tea rooms are popping up all over the place. If you haven’t tried some of the new tea varieties and brewing methods, treat yourself and start enjoying the world’s most popular drink.

As for cold beverages, infusing alcohol like vodka and whiskey is becoming more and more popular. Flavours absolutely burst when you douse fruits in alcohol. Use strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or even cucumbers. Throw in a little mint or basil. Let them infuse overnight in a covered jar. Easy and so delicious for your next cocktail.

We’ve been hearing about the health benefits of cooking with coconut oil for some time now. Coconut as an ingredient in many foods is on the rise and consumers are buying it up. Organic snacks like crispy coconut chips, cocoa coconut butter (doesn’t that sound good?) and coconut yogurt have emerged as clear winners. Check out your favourite grocery store for many other coconut choices. They’re there.

Alright, we know this one may creep you out initially, but eating insects is popular in countries like Asia and Mexico and has been for many years. Bugs are inexpensive, loaded with protein and fans say they are delicious too. Did you know that crickets already appear as an ingredient in protein bars? A restaurant called Grub Kitchen has opened in London with unique bug-based dishes. They complement selections with mixtures of sweet chili, coriander, wild mushroom and peppercorn and apparently their bug burger is a huge hit with Londoners and visitors alike. Convinced?

Asian cuisines have been eating seaweed for centuries but it is only recently that western cultures have begun to incorporate it. It’s now becoming so in demand that it’s being cultivated specifically for human consumption. There are many different varieties and tastes associated with seaweed. There’s even one that tastes like bacon. Studies out of Denmark suggest seaweed may reduce cardiovascular disease.

Filipino Cuisine
Filipino restaurants are opening across North America and are expected to be as popular as Mexican food over the next few years. Filipino food has evolved over many centuries from Indian, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Spanish and American cuisines. It combines sweet, sour and salty ingredients for some unique and tasty bites. Vinegar, garlic, pork and chicken are common ingredients. Meals in the Philippines are informal and communal affairs. So watch for Filipino cuisine and expect a laid-back evening with very tasty food.