Recipe Roundup: Camping Cookery

Food tastes better eaten outdoors. Well, good food does, anyway. Elevate your culinary experience above wieners and beans with these tasty camp-friendly recipes.

This recipe for Maple Nut Cranberry Granola via Family Feedbag is a perfect camping companion. Easy to pack, nutritious and simple to prepare! 

These Columbian Hot Dogs with Patacones via Eat Magazine bring Columbian street food to your campsite. And that's awesome.

Chef Erin Holm's Hubbub Watermelon Salad via Western Living Magazine is a great way to use up leftovers from an afternoon beach snack or as a standalone dish. Fresh, spicy and wonderfully refreshing.

Chorizo Tomato and Egg Breakfast Skillet as "so quick to make that you can make it on weekdays". Sounds perfectly camp-friendly to us! 

 Once upon a time, we believed that one couldn't improve upon perfection. Then we learned of these Canadian Nanaimo S'mores via the Food Network Canada and our lives became 1000% more scrumptious.  

You do not have to drink instant coffee when you camp. Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, check out these handy tips for the perfect cuppa Campfire Coffee via camping expert, Steve Larese.