What's in Season? October Recipe Round-Up

October is a showstopper of a month—what with two festive holidays, pumpkins and fiery coloured leaves everywhere. It's a time for turning inward, for stoking fires and for eating seasonal comfort food. Check out our local/local-ish round-up of seasonal fare and prepare to bookmark some fabulous recipes...

Top Left: 

Smoky Eggplant & Tomato Pasta via Solara Goldwyn, Seaside Magazine
This recipe is a delicious and comforting meal that combines the best of late season crops: eggplant and tomatoes. 

Top Right:

Halloween Meringue Bones & Ghoulish Lime Curd Dip via Devour & Conquer
The "bones" and dip recipes pair together nicely as the egg whites are used for the meringues, then the remaining yolks are added to the lime curd recipe. The extra yolks give the dipping sauce a smooth, velvety texture and the citrus zing of the dip goes perfectly with the crisp, sweet meringue bones.

Bottom Left:

Autumn Arancini Risotto Balls Recipe via BC Living
Risotto is creamy, satisfying and not as difficult to make as many believe. When you have leftovers, or when you want to spice up this rice dish, turn your risotto into easy-to-make arancini balls. Serve them on their own, or with tomato sauce, for the perfect appetizer or side dish. 

Bottom Right

Vij’s Stewed Cinnamon-Scented Lamb Curry via Edible Canada

This recipe for Stewed Cinnamon-Scented Lamb Curry is filled with warm spices, making it a decadent comfort meal perfect for fall. Enjoy this dish with a glass (or two) of Zinfandel – the spiciness of the Zinfandel perfectly accompanies this delicious curry.