Brabantia Storage Touch Bread Bin

If every member of your family prefers their own bread and you need somewhere to stow it all, this modern Storage Touch Bread Bin from Brabantia will do the job with style. 

With one light touch, the hatch slides smoothly and silently back into the bin, releasing the delicious aroma of fresh bread as you make your selection. Inside, there’s plenty of room for your favorite bakery goods, and the raised pattern on the base ensures proper ventilation.

With a smart brushed steel exterior designed to match today’s kitchen interiors, and a generous amount of room for rolls, loaves, and pastries, Brabantia’s Storage Touch Bread Bin will make the most of your daily bread!

  •  Made of stainless steel.
  • Opens silently with a light touch and easily clicks in place to close.
  • Raised pattern on base allows for better ventilation.
  • Flat top allows you to store canisters and other items on top.
  • Hand wash recommended.