Camerons Himalayan Salt Slab with Holder and Brush

This Himalayan Salt Slab Holder and Brush set by Camerons Products is designed to make salt slab grilling easy, fun, and more convenient. The salt slab holder eliminates the stress of carrying and removing the hot slab from the oven or grill, and our durable wire cleaning brush is perfect for keeping your salt slab looking great. *Salt slab not included.

  • Easily and safely cook, carry, and store your Himalayan Salt Slab
  • Wire cleaning brush makes cleaning your Himalayan Salt Block a breeze!
  • This salt slab holder is perfect for use in oven or grill- NOT FOR USE OVER 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features easy-grip wooden handles, so transporting your Himalayan salt plate is effortless
  • The wire brush is strong, durable, and cleans your grilling stone without damaging it- *salt slab not included