Carving Board

Simple, elegant, functional -- the Pyramid Carving Board in maple is all that and more. It features a groove to contain carving juices and protect your counter or table. The incised pyramids are more than decorative -- they help hold your entree centered on the board, avoiding slips and potential accidents. Need a prep board instead? Simply flip it over and use the flat side for kneading, chopping, etc. Hand-sanded, and finished with a food-safe oil.

  • Rectangular board with incised pyramids centers and secures entrée for carving
  • Handcrafted of select 100-percent maple hardwood; hand-sanded and finished with food-safe oil
  • 1/2-inch-wide trough captures juices, keeping tables and counters clean
  • The backside is smooth and flat; flip it to use as a pastry/prep board
  • Measures 21 by 14 inches; 3/4-inch thick