Chef's Choice Belgian WafflePro Select

This family size, commercial quality Belgian waffle maker is in a class by itself. In just 90-120 seconds you can bake 4 delicious deep pockets, restaurant-thick Belgian waffles. The breakthrough QuadPlus baking system lets you independently adjust baking time and temperature for truly customized waffles. Fast bake for a crispy exterior and soft, oven fresh interior or slow bake for a crunchy, uniform texture. The specially engineered waffle plate design guarantees optimal batter distribution and even baking so there's no need to flip. The Belgian WafflePro Special Edition offers a high quality, non-stick griddle surface, a "waffle ready" beeper, ultra-quick temperature recovery for continuous baking, an easy-clean overflow channel and a built-in cord storage compartment. Convenient features such as the automatic countdown timer, "Sleep-Mode" and fast heat-up, quick recovery allow you to effortlessly bake and then "take a break" so you can sample your taste sensations! Recipes are included. One-year limited warranty. 

  • Nonstick waffle maker bakes 4 Belgian waffles in about 2 minutes
  • Adjustable baking time and temperature; overflow channel; "ready" beeper
  • Instant temperature recovery for continuous baking; auto countdown timer
  • Special-edition lid; sleep mode; cord storage; recipes included
  • Measures 11 by 12 by 4 inches; 1-year limited warranty