Chef'sChoice Premium Electric Food Slicer

The Chef’s Choice M610 is a budget-friendly electric food slicer that features a seven-inch blade, tilted food carriage and structural components of cast aluminum and steel. Our extensive line of electric food slicers offers the home and professional chef powerful innovative options for preparing meals, entertaining cost-effectively, controlling portions and enjoying freshly sliced foods. 

  • All structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Extraordinarily powerful high torque motor with gear drive
  • Multipurpose stainless steel blade, diameter approx. 17″ (17 cm.)
  • “Easy-Clean” design—blade, food carriage, food pusher, food deflector and thickness guide all remove easily for cleaning
  • Precision slice thickness control slices from deli-thin to approx. 3/4″ thick
  • Serving tray included; weight 10 lbs., 100 watts