Cooked Per'fect Complete XL

The longer handle on the Cooked Per'fect Complete XL makes it perfect for outdoor cooking!

This reusable color changing thermometer will show you when your beef, fish, poultry, or pork is ready. Unlike traditional thermometers you don't have to remember the correct cooking temperature for a particular type of meat.

  • Cooked-Perfect Complete thermometer changes colors to visibly show when beef, poultry, pork and fish is properly cooked and ready to eat
  • Ready to read other temperatures in seconds; know how food is cooked inside before cutting and losing precious juices; no more guessing
  • Accurately shows temperature by color change; great for stovetop, oven, roasting, broiling, microwave cooking and barbecue grilling outdoors
  • Insert into food for 3 seconds to reveal rare, medium or well for beef and 'almost ready' or 'ready' for poultry, pork and fish
  • Easy to use; reusable, accurate and economical