Sizzle! by Chef's Design
A pot for different types of cooking: cooking, pressure cooking and steaming. The Sizzle is easy to use, with a specially developed, break-resistant glass lid that has a patented locking mechanism that opens and closes with one hand. With the low-pressure system, you always have the opportunity to actively engage in the cooking process, e.g. to season, add ingredients or sample.
  • Cooking time reduced to 50%, and up to 70% less energy.
  • Break-resistant glass lid to view the progress of your meal.
  • Easy to use locking top that can be opened with one hand.
  • Can either cook, pressure cook, or steam food.
  • Can be used with electric gas, ceramic, induction, and halogen.
  • Remove top during cooking to add ingredients.
  • Two heat resistant handles.
  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel.