Stainless Steel 3 Way Grater

A three-way grater is a no-nonsense kitchen essential perfect for a small kitchen or a beginning cook. Part fine grater, part coarse grater, and part slicer, this grater is truly a versatile tool. Use the smallest grating slits to mince garlic or to create fine breadcrumbs. Use the larger slits for shredding cheese and vegetables. The slice wedge in the centre cuts potatoes wafer-thin for chips or au gratin casseroles. The Norpro grater focuses on the basics--sharp cutting slits, stainless-steel construction, and professional-gauge 6 mm stainless-steel handles on both ends. The handles provide two ways to get a sure grip on the grater as you complete the grating task. One handle is flat so that you can rest it against a counter or cutting board to find a comfortable grating angle. The other is a more traditional elongated handhold. Hang the grater from either handle for easy storage.