Staub Round Steam Grill
Staub Round Steam Grill Staub Round Steam Grill
Cooking your food on the Staub Cast Iron Steam Grill will bring out a deep, delicious flavor while imparting grill marks. The grill's French-made enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat beautifully, while the enameled interior is great for browning.
  • Matte-black enamel interior requires no seasoning, releases foods easily and results in exceptional browning and searing
  • Multi-coat enamel is exceptionally durable and won’t chip, rust or crack
  • Ready to use right out of the box—no seasoning required
  • Enameled cast iron features incredible heat retention and distribution
  • Compatible with induction, gas and electric stovetops
  • Secure, easy-grip handles for safe transport to and from the stove
  • Tight-fitting glass lid seals in heat and moisture to steam cook foods and seal in flavorful juices
  • High grilling ridges result in perfect grill marks and allow fat to drain