Maximizing a Small Kitchen Space

Storage is the number one issue in small space kitchens. You open a cupboard door and things tumble out, or you get home from the grocery store and just can’t figure out where all this stuff can possibly go. The thought of having dinner guests is overwhelming because you feel you can’t pull it off with so little space to prepare a meal.

You need some small space kitchen therapy, and maybe a glass of wine, as you thoroughly examine your space and get serious about how you use it. Your goal is to have a functional kitchen and if you’re like most, you want it to look good too.

We've rounded up a few ideas to help you find that extra space you do have. Every inch has to do double duty in a small kitchen.

Go Vertical

  • hang a pegboard on unused wall space to hang kitchen essentials so you don’t have to go digging when you need them
  • add a shelf for your pots and pans and install a rail beneath the shelf to hang utensils
  • use the wall space between your counter and cabinets to add shelving; use it to store grains, pastas, spices and legumes
  • use that 6”-8” space between your fridge and wall (probably where your broom and mop are stashed) to store a multi-tiered pantry on wheels; this looks like a narrow bookcase on wheels; great for dried or canned goods

Use Inside Cupboard Doors

  • mount a file folder inside a cupboard door to store saran, parchment, foil and wax paper
  • use a tension rod underneath your sink to hang spray bottles
  • add a dispenser for garbage bags to the side of your undersink cabinet
  • mount a small pegboard for measuring cups, spoons
  • add hooks for pot holders, rags and gloves

Free Up Cabinet Space

  • use the space between cabinets and the ceiling; good place for small kitchen appliances that don’t get used often
  • hang pots and pans from the ceiling
  • install a pot rail underneath kitchen cabinets - you could use this to hang pots as well as metal baskets for fruit, onions, garlic…
  • hang cutting boards on the side of cabinets
  • place hooks underneath cabinets to hang favourite mugs
  • double your space by installing under-the-shelf racks

Other Great Ideas

  • put magnetic racks on the side of your fridge; great for fruit and getting clutter off your counter
  • use an over-the-sink cutting board to expand counter space
  • use a small curtain rod to store pot lids in a drawer
  • store pet food in a plastic container; uses less room than a bulky bag

We hope these ideas get you going. Every kitchen will have it’s own unique unused nooks and crannies. Maximize yours for easier living.