2016 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is definitely the home’s hub. We gather here to eat, cook, chat, have a cup of tea and just hang out. Today we’ll have a look at what designers are telling us are some of the most popular trends of the year.

Remember the operative word here is ‘trend.’ It may have legs or it may be like yesterday’s dinner by next year. You may be planning a brand new kitchen in a very modern home, you may be remodelling an older home or maybe you just want to incorporate some new elements to your kitchen space to give it a bit of an update.

Whether your preferred kitchen style is traditional, contemporary, farmhouse or eclectic, you may find something here to inspire you.

Color Palette

Bold primary colors have hit the skids as accent colors. 2016 welcomes a soft, earthy palette in charcoal grays and neutral pastels. Pale blue, butter yellow, sage green and butter yellow take centre stage. This is a relaxing, inviting and subdued palette.

Complimentary lighter wood tones, like walnut, are being introduced, along with white-washed wood.

Cabinet, Drawer, Shelving Materials

Plywood throughout the home was huge in the 80’s and 90’s and it’s huge in 2016. In the right space it’s chic and affordable. When it goes out of style, and it will, you can easily paint it.

80’s Revisited

We're seeing a return of mirrored backsplashes and brass and copper accessories. This time around they have an elegance to them as they have a muted satin finish. Don’t go overboard as these touches work best in a supporting role.

We’re also seeing metal range hoods. These introduce a burst of contrast with the new, earthy color palette. 

Open Concept

We’re seeing the kitchen converge into the home’s primary living space. Your kitchen will no longer be disconnected from the rest of the house. This could mean more housecleaning too, as mess will be immediately visible from everywhere, so you might want to think this one through.


Woven basket pendants are back, especially over kitchen islands. Woven coverings are popular over kitchen chairs and as kitchen area rugs. It’s an affordable addition and adds an organic touch of warmth to any kitchen.

Open Shelving and Glass Cabinets

This is still very popular in 2016. It looks great in showrooms but really? With stuff so visible, all your dinnerware needs to be in the same color palette or it just looks messy. And where do all those sippy cups go? Know yourself before you jump on board with this one.

Smart Spaces

Watch for designated spots for smart devices. You’ll see all kinds of clever, little hidden spots for phones and devices. How great to get that clutter out of the way.


We’re seeing a return to black appliances. That’s kind of how it works, now that so much stainless steel has been purchased! These new appliances blend better into cabinetry and don’t take such center stage. Watch for steam ovens, freezers on the bottom of the fridge and wine coolers.

We’re just scratching the surface of 2016 trends.  Remember they are only ‘trends’. What’s most important is that your home reflects you. Your tastes, your style and your needs. Sometimes trends and your unique style converge, offering excellent selections for your kitchen decor.