Back to School Special: PB&J Fruit Pizza

This simple and health-conscious recipe is perfect for school lunches, after school snacks or for any adult with the good sense to still enjoy peanut butter and jelly! It also makes a great addition to brunch buffets or kids parties. 



Pizza dough (make your own or buy frozen/premade)
Natural peanut butter (without added sugar)
Jelly or jam (grape is classic) 
Fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries & bananas are faves)



Prepare your pizza dough. Whether you're making it from scratch or baking up frozen dough, make sure you allow it to cool completely before adding toppings.  

Spread a thick layer of peanut butter and top with your favourite fruit. Drizzle jam or jelly on top and serve! If you're packing it for a lunch, you may want to skip the bananas as they can brown and may turn fussy eaters off!